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Past Speakers

1951   Len Cassanova           Football Coach, University of Pittsburgh
1952   Red Dawson                Football Coach, University of Pittsburgh
1953   Rip Engle                     Football Coach, Penn State University
1954   Dudley Moore              Football Coach, Duquesne University
          Al DeLuca                     Basketball Coach, Saint Vincent College
1955   Dudley Moore              Football Coach, Duquesne University
1956   James Crowley            State Ath. Com. Of Boxing, Notre Dame
1957   John Michelson            Football Coach, University of Pittsburgh
1958   Al DeLuca                    Football Coach, Saint Vincent College
1959   Bob Prince                   Radio & TV Sportscaster
1960   Dr. Perry E. Gresham   President, Bethany College
1961   Hon. Patsy V. Marino   Judge, Orphans Court
1962   Gene Corum                 Football Coach, West Virginia University
1963   Pete Dimperio               Football Coach, Westinghouse High School
1964   Ray Watson                  Principal, Elizabeth High School, WV
1965   Lou Groza                    Cleveland Browns
1966   Dave Hart                     Football Coach, University of Pittsburgh
1967   Joe Paterno                  Football Coach, Penn State University
1968   Jim Carlen                    Football Coach, West Virginia University
1969   Lou Bimbo Cecconi      Asst. Football Coach, University of Pittsburgh
1970   Carl Depasqua             Football Coach, University of Pittsburgh
1971   Bob Bowden                 Football Coach, West Virginia University
1972   Ed Conway                   Sports Director, WTAE, TV
1973   Johnny Majors              Football Coach, University of Pittsburgh
1974   William Neal                  Football Coach, Indiana University of PA
1975   Pete Dimperio               Former Coach, Westinghouse High School
1976   Chuck Klausing             Football Coach, Carnegie-Mellon University
1977   Hal Hunter                     Football Coach, California State College
1978   Bob Prince                    Radio & TV Sportscaster
1979   Mel Bassi                      Attorney
1980  Steve Furness              Pittsburgh Steelers
1981  John Kolb                       Pittsburg Steelers
1982  "Foge" Fazio                  Football Coach, University of Pittsburgh
1983   Loren Toews                Pittsburgh Steelers
1984   Jeff Petrucci                 Football Coach, California University of PA

1985   Gary Anderson                Pittsburgh Steelers
1986   Bill Hilgrove                     Radio & TV Sportscaster
1987   Sam Nover                      Radio & TV Sportscaster
1988   Brian Hinkle                    Pittsburgh Steelers
1989   Don Cannon                    Radio & TV Sportscaster
1990   Merril Hodge                    Pittsburgh Steelers & Radio & TV Sportscaster
1991   Fred Cox                          Minnisota Vikings
1992   Don Yanessa                   Football Coach, Baldwin High School
1993   Scott Zolak                      New England Patriots
1994   Stan Milchovich               Retired Principal, Charleroi High School
1995   Joe Sarra                         Asst. Football Coach, Penn State University
1996   John Luckardt                  Football Coach, W & J College
1997   Robert Eaton                   West Liberty State College
1998   Jim Sweeney                   Pittsburgh Steelers
1999   Reed Popovich                Retired US Navy Nuclear SubmarineOfficer
2000   Bill Hillgrove                     Radio & TV Sportscaster
2001   Larry Maggi                     Washington County Sherrif
2002   Darcie Vincent                 Women’s Basketball Coach, Cal. U of PA
2003   Robin Cole                       Pittsburgh Steelers
2004   Pete Rostoski                   Pittsburgh Steelers
2005   Dave Wannstedt              Football Coach, University of Pittsburgh
2006   Roger Kingdom               Olympic Gold  & Track Coach Cal. U. Of PA   
2007   Craig Wolfley                   Pittsburgh Steelers & Radio & TV Sportscaster
2008   Bill Brown                         Basketball Coach, California University of PA
2009   Charlie Batch                   Pittsburgh Steelers
2010   Robin Cole                       Pittsburgh Steelers
2011   Steve Blass                      Pittsburgh Pirates, Radio and TV Broadcaster 
2012   Joe Rudolph                     Asst. Head Coach Univ. of Pittsburgh
2013   Tom Nola                          Head Football Coach, Clairton Bears
2014   Sheldon Ingram                News Reporter, WTAE-TV
2015   Joel Walenta                    Business Professional - Motivational Speaker
2016   David Hanson                  NHL Hockey Player & Actor

2017   Andrew Stockey              WTAE Anchor and Sports Director

2018   Melanie Taylor              Star Radio 100.7 Babba Show Co-Host